It is the 613th year of the Age of Veradorianis, the first age of this world. Civilization and history are still young, as are even the “elder” races of the world. In Tellaria, the vin’are (or “high elves” as they call themselves) have founded the great city of Veradorianis and are dominating trade through most of the north and east. The south remains an untamed land. West, however, is home to the second-largest kingdom in Tellaria: the kingdom of Kralgtarn. Forged in war nearly at the dawn of history, this coalition of the native peoples is a power to rival even Veradorianis. But the folk of Kralgtarn are simpler, and prefer life and its pleasures to achievements of great knowledge or power.

Kralgtarn is made of many smaller vassal kingdoms, like the orcs of Guhlkarn, the gniballa (gnomes) of Mulkister, the saurials of Rotspear, the olgura (mountain dwarves) of Rungarin and Arvenlaad, and the duergar of Dorskenbard. All pay homage to their true king, the Bolg Kralg II, the ogre shaman who rules from the capital of Kralgtarn itself.

This is a time where ogres, humans, orcs, elves, goblins, dwarves, kobolds, gnomes, lizardfolk, centaur, and duergar live in a peaceful coexistence. Strife and conflict exist, of course, but it is limited to desperate attacks by those with no means to feed themselves, or personal disputes over insult. War is an unknown to Kralgtarn… for now.

Arvenlaad is the largest dwarf kingdom in Kralgtarn, or the known world for that matter. This is mainly as a result of the great friendship that founded the world of dwarves as we know it. The olgura (mountain dwarf) Arven and the duergar Dorsk were the closest of friends, and blood-brothers in battle. Together they led their people as one against the monsters that inhabited the deep under the mountains and made them habitable. They each became kings of their people and had cities named after them. Arven was called “Mountainking” by his people, and Dorsk was called “Deepking” by his. And even though their sons have now ascended to their thrones, there remains the greatest of love between Arvenlaad and Dorskenbard.

Twenty-three years ago, a bvardodun (glacier dwarf) wizard named Jerrick Winterbringer made a pact with the water elemental lord Tyshou-varaun. Together they crafted the Anvil of Endless Winter, an artifact that tapped into the leylines of Dorhaun and awakened the Glacial Ancients, great titans of ice and snow. Jerrick directed these Ancients to fulfill his purpose of uniting the dwarf races as one… by force. The olgura of Ganvord fell to the bvardodun and their pet Ancients. Jerrick directed them south to Rungarin, and the dwarf kings saw that Arvenlaad would be next. King Arven sent the Eyes, the Tongue, and the Fist of Arvenlaad to kill Jerrick and break the Anvil of Endless Winter. They succeeded and became heroes to the olgura and duergar. While war was prevented, the knowledge of malicious outside forces now weighs heavily on the minds of the new kings.

Recently, the duergar of Dorskenbard have come under attack from some strange elves, white of hair and black of skin. They seemed to come from the waters of the Olathniar, the underground sea beneath Kralgtarn. Upon capture, one of the saris’drow, as they call themselves, told that they were refugees from a great catastrophe that decimated their home country of Phaelyn. They have come to seek new resources to take back to Phaelyn for their war.

Dorsk Deepking II has garnered the aid of Dunder Mountainking, and both Dorskenbard and Arvenlaad are locked in battle with the mobile, sea-faring enemy.

Rise of the Hammer